Literature Circle Novel Reflection #1

 In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, Junior’s most significant conflict is with his confidence, or lack thereof. His internal narrative of not being good enough effects many of his relationships, as well as how he carries himself. On the reservation, Junior compares his strengths to that of everyone else,… Continue reading Literature Circle Novel Reflection #1


Leadership Reflection

The three most powerful things that I took from John Maxwell’s workshop were the 101% rule, that I don’t equip others because I enjoy doing things myself, and the law of lid.   The first thing that stood out to me was the 101% rule. This stood out to me because it is a concept that seems easy to… Continue reading Leadership Reflection

Set #1: Vocab

Verbs: Gesticulate: using dramatic gestures to emphasize your words Ascribe: attribute something to (a cause, a person, ect) Afflict: cause pain or suffering to Adjectives: Authentic: of undisputed origin; genuine Vigilant: keeping careful watch for danger or difficulties Ironic: happening in the opposite way as to what's reasonably expected Eminent: a famous person in a… Continue reading Set #1: Vocab