In-depth: The Last Frontier (final project)

Hello new viewer! My name is Kathryn Matheson, and I am a grade 10 TALONS student. This year for in-depth, I chose to learn how to teach swimming lessons. Originally, my in-depth project was swimming lessons and lifesaving, but due to COVID-19, I was not able to complete the lifesaving part of my project. I… Continue reading In-depth: The Last Frontier (final project)

In-Depth 2020 Post #6

Week six! I can’t believe that In-depth 2020 is almost over, between COVID-19 and all the work I did on the project before then, it has gone by way too fast. Hopefully these next two weeks will be good and productive!   Honestly, since the last post, it has been really hard to keep myself… Continue reading In-Depth 2020 Post #6